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Kawartha Vinyl Inc.

Epson DS Multi-Use Sublimation Paper 8.5”x14” (100 pack)

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Get stunning reproduction of all the colors of the rainbow with Epson DS Sublimation Paper! Perfect for use in the Epson F170 / F570 sublimation printer, this high-quality paper has wide-color-gamut which is ideal for soft and hard surface projects.

Featuring the versatility of multi-use paper, Epson DS Sublimation Paper lets you transfer to fabrics such as t-shirts, tote bags, and socks as well as hard surfaces like drinkware, coasters, bottle openers, photo panels and more!

The finished results provide high ink transfer with extremely low warping which helps prevent ghosting/smearing from happening during the sublimation process. With less ink left on your transfer paper, you'll be putting more money in your pocket with every single press!

  • Thinner bond makes it easy to feed through your Epson printers
  • 8.5x14" sheets 100 pack
  • Bright, full-color results on hard surfaces and fabrics
  • Apply to light colored poly coated fabrics and materials
  • Ideal for Epson brand sublimation printers
  • Desired humidity for optimum performance: 40% - 50%

You should print your image/transfer on the bright white side (the other side is dull). If you're unsure which side is the bright white, bend your paper in half to compare one side to the other. Or keep your paper in the packaging, so the print side is always up, with the label indicating the print side.


Weight 0.500000
Brand Epson
Process Sublimation
Self Weeding Yes
Size 8.5" x 14"
GSM (Grams per Square Meter) 85
Recommended Use Polyurethane Coated Hard and Soft Items
For Use With Epson Inks
Works with Light Substrates Yes
Works with Dark Substrates No
Color Vibrancy Great
Durability Best
For Use In Epson F170/570 Printer
Use with Sublimation Yes
Product Type Sublimation Paper
Additional Required Products Sublimation Printer & Heat Press
Recommended Accessories Heat Tape, Heat Gloves, Sublimation Printer, Teflon Sheet, Blowout Paper, Heat Press
Sheets Per Package 100