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Siser EasyPSV Starling

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 EasyPSV Starling is a new and improved version of Sisers EasyPSV Permanent line. Made in partnership with their friends at Avery Dennison, EasyPSV Starling offers improved cutting and weeding performance over the previous version.

Perhaps the biggest news however is that EasyPSV Starling is dishwasher safe— up to 80 washes! Yes, this means creators can now decorate drinkware and run them through the dishwasher time and time again without worrying about EasyPSV Starling peeling.

But that’s not all! EasyPSV Starling is available in all of the same great colors as EasyPSV Permanent in addition to 17 new colors! By popular demand, most EasyPSV Starling colors will contain a Matte finish, with select colors offered in a Gloss finish.

Composition: Calendered PVC

Thickness: 76 Microns/3.0 Mils

Finish: Matte + Gloss Adhesive: Permanent

Applies to: Wood, Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Metal, Drinkware

Grid Backing: Gray

Rated Durability: 3–5 Years

Dishwasher Safe: Yes Dishwasher Cycles: Up to 80

Microwave Safe: No

Outdoor Performance: UV, temperature, humidity, and salt water resistant