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Kawartha Vinyl Inc.

Orajet® 1917 Inkjet Printable Adhesive Vinyl

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Orajet® 1917 is the best inkjet printable vinyl option for hobbyists, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to create high-quality vinyl decals without purchasing extra equipment. It is sturdy and has a matte, smear proof coating that allows you to use it in most inkjet printers with ease.

Printable inkjet vinyl 1917 orajet eco friendly for normal inkjet printers for making stickers with cricut and cameos. Orajet 1917 is a versatile promotional digital print media designed to produce brilliant, colorful graphics using a wide variety of ink technologies, including a typical desktop inkjet printer.

Great for DIY hobbyists and crafters needing to print adhesive-backed patterns, photographs, artwork, maps, tags, labels, and simple signage.

This printable vinyl paper can be used on cars with Oraguard 200 Matte Lamination film (Sold separately)