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Kawartha Vinyl Inc.

Printable Heat Transfer Paper by CraftJet for Dark Fabrics

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Inkjet Transfer Paper for Dark Garments 8.5x11in

This is a durable and flexible material that prints and dries well, and is cuttable with desktop and professional vinyl cutters for cut contours. The opacity allows for bright, vivid images to be transferred with ease. The colors remain vibrant after washing.

Recommended Fabrics

· Cotton

· Polyester

· Cotton/Poly Blends

· Lycra

Some Nylons

Recommended Printers

· All desktop or wide-format inkjet printers

· Compatible with: OEM inks, dye pigmented inks, and solvent-based inks

Peels: Cold

Finish: Matte

Print Instructions

· Make sure sheets are not stuck together

· Do not stack more than 10 at a time

Do not mirror

Heat Press Instructions

· Turn heat press at 375 degrees Fahrenheit

· Set to light pressure

· Trim Margins


· Position paper print side up

· Press for 12 seconds

· Remove transfer when cold or about 10 seconds after pressing