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Sublimation Transfer Information

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Sublimation Transfers

Prior understanding of the sublimation process for your blanks/substrates is necessary. Please ensure you are well-versed in sublimation requirements and possess the necessary tools before acquiring sub transfers from Kawartha Vinyl.

Kindly note: sublimation dye exclusively adheres to polyester fibers within the material or to substrates specifically coated with polyester. Should you select a garment/fabric with less than 100% polyester fiber content, the dye will not adhere to non-polyester fibers and may wash out.

Sublimation does not incorporate white ink; therefore, any white areas in the design will reflect the color of your item. For instance, if you're pressing onto a baby blue tumbler, any white elements in the design will appear baby blue.

Sizes are approximate, and purchasing a 7" transfer indicates it's approximately 7" at its longest dimension. This may result in a transfer size of 7" x 7" or 7" x 3", contingent upon the design's layout. Please measure your item accurately and procure the suitable sizing accordingly.

A heat press is highly recommended for sublimation transfers. While some have utilized the Cricut EasyPress without issues, we don't endorse it. It's essential to note that the Cricut EasyPress is not a heat press.

When heat pressing apparel/garments, place a sheet of paper, butcher paper, or cardboard inside the garment to prevent ink transfer to the back. It's advisable to use heat tape to secure the design in place and prevent it from slipping during pressing, which could result in ghosting.

Pressing times and temperatures can vary based on the item being pressed and the characteristics of your heat press. Mastering sublimation transfers might require some trial and error. It's recommended to have a scrap garment or tumbler on hand and purchase a few additional small transfers for practice to fine-tune your settings. While we include a "tester" in every order, sometimes a single tester isn't sufficient for setting adjustments.

For tumblers, mugs, and other hard goods, pressing times and temperatures may differ across manufacturers. Please consult them to ascertain the appropriate settings.

Kawartha Vinyl is not liable for practice presses, user errors, or equipment malfunctions.

While we make every effort to ensure colors match the prints depicted in the listings, variations may occur due to differences in screens.