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Kawartha Vinyl Inc.

TeckWrap Weeding Pen Black

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Our weeding pen is efficient, sleek, and tailor-made to reveal smooth and beautiful-looking vinyl art. This pen has an easy, ergonomic grip so you can work with it for long hours without your hand hurting. With a stainless steel sharp tip, the pen effortlessly weeds out unwanted vinyl pieces and scraps.

The tip is lightweight making it perfect for precision weeding and releasing air bubbles. Enjoy weeding small letters and delicate designs with zero hassles. All in all, the smart black design and the elegant packaging is perfect for artists who want to make a statement with their craft. 

Teckwrap Weeding Pen is unique, stylish & handy to use for weeding vinyl, HTV, and other materials. 


  • An efficient and sleek stainless steel tip 
  • Standard Black Design
  • Elegant packaging 
  • Precision vinyl art weeding 
  • Lightweight and easy grip 
  • Sturdy built 
  • Ideal for craft vinyl, book cover, lettering, banner art, scrapbooking
  • Keeps in your shirt pocket for easy access
  • Perfect for even the most difficult weeding jobs
  • Quickly release any air bubbles on your substrate
  • Handy and safe retractable needlepoint
  • Clips to your pocket so it's easy to keep track of